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IPS has been awarded
The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation &
The United Nations Correspondants Assn's
Gold Level Award for 2012 for its outstanding
coverage of global climate change issues.

Our Congradulations to Stephen Leahy and
the other environmental journalists from IPS.


We're honored to announce today our affiliation with Mr. Stephen Leahy a globally renowned environmental journalist. We shall be carrying Mr. Leahy's articles on our website prominently displayed. Mr. Stephen Leahy is an independent environmental journalist with 16 years of distinguished service to his profession. Mr. Leahy‘s writing has been published in dozens of publications around the world including New Scientist, The London Sunday Times, Maclean’s Magazine, Earth Island Journal, The Toronto Star, Wired News, Audubon, BBC Wildlife, and Canadian Geographic.

Based outside of Toronto (Uxbridge), he is the international science and environment correspondent for the Rome-headquartered Inter Press Service News Agency (IPS), the world’s 6th largest global news agency.

His IPS articles are published in over 500 newspapers and magazines all over the world reaching an estimated 200 million readers in up to 20 languages. IPS news is also broadcast by over 1000 radio stations, potentially targeting over 150 million listeners.

He writes for an IPS affiliate, Tierramerica, located in Mexico City and IPS bureaus in Johannesburg and New Delhi.

Mr. Leahy is a professional member of the International Federation of Journalists; Society of Environmental Journalists; Canadian Freelance Union;and Media & Democracy Group (media training for democracy)

To see a YouTube video clip of a interview of Mr. Leahy on December 10, 2013, click here

Additional information about Stephen can be found at his web site and at a recent interview with him that was published here.


Recent Articles by
Stephen Leahy

Date Title
05/28/15 Drought media: does it help?
05/25/15 Atlantic CTV Interview with Stephen Leahy
05/25/15 The Walrus Talks Water - Documentary Preview
05/25/15 Walrus Talks Water takes on world shortage
05/08/15 Living the Indigenous Way, from the Jungles to the Mountains
04/22/15 Marilyn Baptiste Wins Prestigious Goldman Prize, Elevates Indigenous Struggle Against Mines
04/15/15 Proponents of Renewable Energy Will Own the 21st Century, Say Leaders at World Congress
04/13/15 Cities Emerge as Climate Leaders at World Congress But Still Need More Government Support
04/10/15 Vancouver commits to run on 100% renewable energy
08/22/14 Disasters Poised to Sweep Away Development Gains
08/11/14 New Estimates for Keystone XL's Carbon Emissions Top 100 Million Tons a Year
07/10/14 The 'New DDT' Is Starving Out Songbirds
06/26/14 Call for Moratorium on New Oilsands Development Until Environmental Impacts Assessed
06/25/14 New Study: High Seas Represent $148 Billion Carbon Sink
06/13/14 In Developing World, Pollution Kills More Than Disease
06/12/14 Oil and Coal Must Be Phased Out Entirely by 2050 to Stop Catastrophic Warming
05/27/14 The Nations Guaranteed to Be Swallowed by the Sea
01/14/14 Canada's Carbon Emissions Projected to Soar by 2030
11/26/13 Young and Restless: Canadian Youth Dismayed at Canada's Climate Performance
11/26/13 There Are Now 100 People Who Refuse to Eat Until Leaders Take On Climate Change
11/20/13 Canada Leads Race to Climate Disaster
11/19/13 Carbon Emissions on Tragic Trajectory
11/15/13 Japan Bails Out on CO2 Emissions Target
11/15/13 Brazil Headed Towards an Energy Revolution
11/07/13 World Headed for a High-Speed Carbon Crash
11/05/13 The Sickest Places in the World
10/26/13 Canada Massively Fails to Meet Copenhagen Targets, Calls it "Progress"
10/15/13 No Safe Havens in Increasingly Acid Oceans
10/10/13 The Coming Plague
10/05/13 Mayors Leading an Urban Revolution
09/27/13 CO2 Reshaping the Planet, Meta-Analysis Confirms
09/23/13 Making Local People Stewards of the Earth
09/16/13 Urban violence in Africa, Asia and Latin America to form focus of $11m study
09/10/13 If You Want to Conserve Biodiversity, Protect Latin America
09/09/13 Dwindling Water Supplies Make Every Drop Count
09/08/13 Building a Better World, One Block at a Time
07/12/13 A Stroll Through Canada's Tar Sands Industrial Landscape on the Tar Sands Healing Walk
07/10/13 U.S., Malaysia Lead Worldwide “Land Grabs”
06/20/13 Climate Change Promises Tough Times for Asia and Africa
06/19/13 DeSmog Article Sparks International Investigation into BC and Canada's Carbon Emissions
06/13/13 Developing Countries Lead Global Shift to Green Energy
06/13/13 Fort McMurray Flooding Emphasizes Tar Sands' Threat to Mackenzie River Basin
06/12/13 Carbon Farming Makes Waves at Stalled Bonn Talks
06/10/13 U.S., Malaysia Lead Worldwide Land Grabs
05/31/13 Peak Water, Peak Oil…Now, Peak Soil?
05/17/13 Why Scientists Will Not Sleep Well Tonight
05/16/13 Profits vs. Disaster in Arctic Meltdown
05/10/13 Public Pressure Forces Harper to Transfer Shuttered ELA Environmental Research Centre
05/09/13 BC LNG Exports Blow Climate Targets Way, Way Out of the Water
05/09/13 Toxic Waste on Par with Malaria as a Global Killer
05/08/13 Unreported Emissions from Natural Gas Blow Up British Columbia's Climate Action Plan...
05/07/13 Rich Countries Drag Feet at Climate Talks
04/30/13 Monetising Human Waste and 101 (Slightly) Crazy Other Ideas
04/28/13 Leave It in the Ground, Climate Activists Demand
04/25/13 Ontario Commits to Keep World-renowned Environmental Research Centre Alive...
04/24/13 Krill Super-Trawlers Pushing Penguins Toward Extinction
04/22/13 How western oil giant BP broke its green promises
04/04/13 Blame Canada Part 4: What is Happening to Canada?
03/25/13 Canada's revamped approach to aid likely to leave bitter taste, say experts
03/22/13 Water Crisis Hitting Food, Energy – And Everything Else
03/21/13 Blame Canada Part 3: The Bigger Canada's Energy Sector Gets the Poorer People Become
03/19/13 Visions of a Sustainable, Pollution-Free New York by 2030
03/14/13 Blame Canada Part 2: Canada's Plan to Get Rich by Trashing the Climate
03/12/13 Public Pays for Fukushima While Nuclear Industry Profits
03/11/13 Canada Losing Its Seasons
03/07/13 Blame Canada Part 1: The Country Has Become a Petro-State, Happily Drilling for Profits...
03/05/13 Microbes Thriving Deep Within the Earth
02/27/13 Killer Heat Waves and Floods Linked to Climate Change
02/25/13 Green Energy Solves Dual Crises of Poverty and Climate
02/20/13 In Conservatives’ Canada, It’s Not Easy Being Green
02/16/13 Climate Rally Draws “Line in the Sand” on Canadian Pipeline
02/14/13 Canada's environmental activists seen as 'threat to national security'
02/14/13 Thawing Permafrost May Be “Huge Factor” in Global Warming
01/11/13 Experts Fear Collapse of Global Civilisation
01/04/13 OP-ED: Climate Inaction Is a Clear Failure of Democracy
12/11/12 Critics Brand Climate Talks Another Lost Opportunity
12/10/12 Doha Climate Summit Ends With No New CO2 Cuts or Funding
12/07/12 A Hotter World Is a Hungry World
12/06/12 An Empty Table at Doha Climate Talks
12/03/12 The Big Fight in Doha Is Over Climate Finance
12/03/12 Civil Society, Youth Pushed to the Margins at Doha
11/30/12 Fossil Fuel Lobby in the Driver’s Seat at Doha
11/26/12 The Planet’s Thermostat Moves to Doha
11/26/12 Deep Emissions Cuts Urged at Climate Summit
11/19/12 Planet on Path to Four C Warming, World Bank Warns
11/15/12 “Writing Is on the Wall” at Upcoming Climate Summit
11/09/12 Sandy: “I Helped Re-elect President Obama”
11/08/12 OP-ED: Hurricane Sandy Says, “Welcome to the New Normal”
11/06/12 Mankind Approaching ‘Carbon Cliff’, Report Warns
11/05/12 Please Don’t Forget Haiti, Cuba, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Jamaica
11/05/12 A Posthumous Message from Hurricane Sandy
11/02/12 Hurricane Sandy a Taste of More Extreme Weather to Come
10/31/12 Hurricane Sandy Speaks: “Saddened by Damages; Surprised You are Shocked”
10/30/12 Hurricane Sandy Speaks: “Don’t Curse Me, I Have Been Pumped Full of Fossil-fuel Steroids"
10/29/12 Hurricane Sandy Speaks: “My Landfall Near Atlantic City"
10/29/12 Hurricane Sandy Speaks: “People call me Frankenstorm, SuperStorm, WeatherBomb . . ."
10/24/12 Pollution as big a health problem as malaria or TB, finds report
10/22/12 Palau Proves Sharks Worth More Alive Than Dead
10/10/12 Untreated Mental Illness the Invisible Fallout of War and Poverty
10/09/12 Canada's ozone science group falls victim to government cuts
10/02/12 Ocean Acidification Leaves Mollusks Naked and Confused
10/01/12 Australia’s Great Barrier Reef on Brink of Collapse
09/29/12 Climate Change Takes a Bite Out of Global Food Supply
09/25/12 Easing Air Pollution Would Cool the Planet
09/20/12 Ice-Free Arctic Is Uncharted Territory
09/18/12 Deeper CO2 Cuts Needed to Save Corals
09/14/12 Canadian scheme aims to cut child deaths and enhance cognitive growth
09/14/12 Arctic sea ice melt may bring harsh winter to Europe
09/06/12 Auntie Hillary Visits Cook Islands Hoping to Put China on Sidelines
09/05/12 Canada 'playing with numbers' on carbon target claims
08/31/12 PACIFIC ISLANDS: Marine Protected Areas Bolster Conservation Efforts
08/30/12 Tiny Pacific island nations create world's largest marine parks
08/16/12 Green economy: empty rhetoric or pathway to future?
08/06/12 Scientists Discover New Threats to Corals
07/18/12 Great Barrier Reef at a Crossroads
07/13/12 Local Control Revives Depleted Fisheries
07/10/12 Scientists Declare State of Emergency for World’s Coral Reefs
07/09/12 Coral Triangle Fights to Save Reefs from Extinction
06/21/12 Clean Energy, Dirty Industry Funding?
06/19/12 RIO+20: Ignoring Science, Negotiations Become Political Battle
06/19/12 Rio’s Roadmap Falls Flat, Civil Society Groups Say
06/16/12 Leap of Faith Needed on Green Economy
06/05/12 Activists Call for Creation of High Commissioner for Future Generations at Rio+20
06/04/12 24 Policies to End the Earth Emergency
06/04/12 Politics Heats Up Around Arctic Thaw
06/01/12 For an Ailing Planet, the Cure Already Exists
05/30/12 Blame Canada
05/22/12 Action Needed Now to Prepare for Severe Drought
05/10/12 Plastic Seas Altering Marine Ecology
05/10/12 Struggles over Land Rights Fall Under the Rio+20 Radar
05/08/12 Climate Change Threatens Crucial Marine Algae
05/04/12 Standing Up for the Planet and the Future
05/03/12 New Projects Dispel Myths and Spread the Truth About Vaccines
04/04/12 Indigenous Peoples Can Show the Path to Low-Carbon Living . . .
04/03/12 Extreme Weather is the New Normal
03/27/12 Abriculture - Using Forests to Feed Indigenous Peoples and Fight Climate Change
03/25/12 Indigenous Peoples Needed to Meet the Challenge of Climate Change
03/22/12 Climate Scientists to Attend Native Knowledge Boot Camp in Australia
03/09/12 Rio+20 Summit: A Moment That Must Be Seized
03/01/12 Dwindling Resources Trigger Global Land Rush
03/01/12 No Magic Solutions for the Extinction of Species
02/29/12 Warming to Ignite the Carbon Bomb
02/19/12 Building Sustainable Future Needs More Than Science, Experts Say
02/07/12 The Environmental Crisis Is in Fact a Crisis in Democracy
01/24/12 Shale Gas a Bridge to More Global Warming
01/19/12 Money Is All That's Green in Biodiesel
01/16/12 Melting Ice Makes Arctic Access a Hot Commodity
01/11/12 Rio+20: The Moment When Everything Changed?
12/27/11 No Time Left to Adapt to Melting Glaciers
12/14/11 In Unprecedented Move, Canada Withdraws from Kyoto Protocol
12/12/11 Indigenous Peoples Call for REDD Moratorium
12/11/11 Agreement for New Global Treaty To Reduce Emissions
12/09/11 Draft Climate Deal Dubbed a "Death Sentence for Africa"
12/09/11 End Carbon Apartheid, Say African Faith Groups
12/06/11 CLIMATE CHANGE: Kyoto Protocol on Life Support
12/05/11 Fracking for Shale Gas: Neither Clean nor Green
12/03/11 Sour Seas, Shrinking Stocks
12/02/11 A Recipe for Carbon Farming
11/29/11 Eating Away the Climate
11/24/11 Radical Change Needed at Durban Conference, Experts Say
11/14/11 Toxins Rob More Than a Decade of Life from Millions
11/10/11 Time to Derail Fossil Fuel Train, Energy Agency Warns
11/09/11 Harper Government Guts Environment Programmes
11/01/11 Toxic Electronic Waste Contaminates Nearby Areas
11/01/11 EcoMobility Gaining Ground, Step by Step
10/25/11 Hard Targets Needed to Halt Land Degradation Crisis
10/17/11 Looking to the Sahel for Lessons in Pushing Back Deserts
10/13/11 Conference Renews Eroded Efforts to Combat Desertification
10/11/11 Persistent La Niña Is Back Again
09/27/11 Jail Before Climate-Wrecking Tar Sands, Canadians Say
09/15/11 Inheriting the Whirlwind of Extreme Events
08/31/11 Obama Challenged to Stand Up to Big Oil Lobby
08/23/11 8.7 Million Species Run Spaceship Earth
08/23/11 Keystone XL: A Pipeline to Europe?
08/10/11 Welcome to Bizarro World
07/26/11 Blame Canada?
07/25/11 Small-Scale Land Speculators Contribute to Amazon Deforestation
07/22/11 Mentally Ill Suffer Medieval Treatment Across the Globe
07/13/11 Cook Islands Aims for 100 Percent Green Energy by 2020
07/05/11 Selling Nature to Save Nature, and Ourselves
06/29/11 The Oxymoron of Political Leadership
06/27/11 Nuclear for the Poor, Renewables for the Rich?
06/27/11 On the Road to Green Energy for All
06/20/11 Postponing Emissions Cuts Carries Steep Price Tag
06/17/11 Developing Countries Pledging More Emissions Cuts Than Industrial North
06/14/11 Reducing Soot and Smog Would Help Stabilise Climate
06/13/11 Canada Spurns Kyoto in Favour of Tar Sands
06/13/11 Playing Tricks from Bonn? - A CCECON Exclusive
06/09/11 Millions May Soon Be Fleeing the Floodwaters
06/07/11 Using Forests to Bridge the Carbon Gap
06/06/11 Bike vs Car on a Hot Planet
06/02/11 Lend Your Car, Save, and Save the World
05/31/11 Putting Road Safety on the Development Agenda
05/26/11 Europe Sowing the Seeds of Hunger
05/12/11 Humanity Hitting the Resource Ceiling
05/06/11 Nuclear Cost Shell Game
04/01/11 A Fatal Addiction to Plastic
03/28/11 Fight Against Marine Garbage Runs Into Plastics Lobby
03/24/11 Plastic Circulating Endlessly in World's Oceans
03/23/11 Who controls nuclear control agencies?
03/22/11 Peak Water Has Already Come and Gone
03/17/11 Japan Nuke Disaster Could Be Worse Than Chernobyl
03/06/11 Biodiversity Panel Learns from IPCC Experience
03/02/11 Fossil Fuel Lobby Following the Playbook of Big Tobacco
02/22/11 Permafrost Melt Soon Irreversible Without Major Fossil Fuel Cuts
02/21/11 Why Our Weather is Weird ‘n Wild and Why It Is Getting Worse
02/17/11 Tourism Is Poisoning the Mexican Caribbean
02/14/11 Amazon Drought Accelerating Climate Change
02/01/11 Will Super Cyclone Yasi be Australia’s Katrina? Landfall Wed as Cat 5 Storm
02/01/11 The Great Groundhog’s Day Blizzard – Worst Winter Storm in 60 Years
01/28/11 Arctic Defrost Dumping Snow on U.S. and Europe
01/19/11 Report: +2.4C by 2020 leaves Billions Hungry? Scary but Untrue . . .
01/13/11 In Corrupt Global Food System, Farmland Is the New Gold
12/29/10 Arctic Hothouse Turns Europe into an Icebox
12/29/10 Arctic Melt Down Is Bringing Harder Winters and Permanently Altering Weather Patterns
12/28/10 East Coast Blizzard and Europe’s Snowmaggddon Reveal Fingerprints of Climate Change
12/11/10 Emissions Punted to Durban, Breakthrough Seen on Forests
12/08/10 Climate Changes Herald a Future of Widespread Drought
12/07/10 Cancún Summit Gives Fossil Fuels a Free Pass
12/07/10 As World Warms, Southern Africa Swelters
11/29/10 Will Year of Extremes End with a Whimper?
11/29/10 Will Year of Climate Extremes End Without Progress on Tackling Climate Change?
11/23/10 Forests Rescue Plan Riddled with Uncertainties
11/19/10 A Govt Versus Its People on Climate Change
11/12/10 Runaway Global Economy Decimating Nature
11/11/10 Toxic Hotspots Require Global Superfund
10/31/10 Biodiversity Pact Signed To Halt Species Extinctions and Protect the Web of Life
10/25/10 Geoengineering for a Desperate Planet
10/25/10 Palau Announces Massive Marine Sanctuary
10/22/10 Hard to Put a Price-tag on Healthy Rivers
10/21/10 Canada Seeks to Drop Native Peoples from New Biodiversity Pact
10/19/10 North-South Divide Again Clouds Biodiversity Talks
10/18/10 Biodiversity at the Cliff's Edge
10/16/10 Ending Africa's Hunger Means Listening to Farmers
10/13/10 The Yin and Yang of Climate Extremes
10/08/10 Canada Sees Climate Change "Prosperity" Instead of Calamity
10/05/10 Engineering a Water Crisis in Rivers
09/20/10 Arctic Ice in Death Spiral, Thaws Permafrost — Risks Climate Catastrophe
09/17/10 Record Temperatures Killing Caribbean Corals
09/15/10 Locally-Run Protected Areas Could Reverse Fisheries' Death Spiral
09/10/10 Local Decisions To Protect Nature Boosts Economy, Quality of Life and Secure Jobs
09/13/10 Arctic Melt Down Is Bringing Harder Winters and Permanently Altering Weather Patterns
07/31/10 Ocean Losing Its Green – Planet’s Life Support System In Decline
06/29/10 Free Ride for Oil and Coal Industry May Be Over
06/07/10 Europe’s Green Energy Portfolio Up in Smoke?
06/03/10 Rising Wealth Spells Disaster for the Planet, Study Finds
05/01/10 Oil vs Polar Bears in Alaska
04/29/10 Drug Wars Make Societies More Violent Not Safer Studies Show
03/24/10 Proof of Anti-Global Warming Cabal: Fossil fuel Interests, Christian Evangelicals and the Media
03/16/10 Canada’s Idea of Working on Climate Change Means Muzzling Climate Scientists...
03/08/10 Violent Backlash Against Climate Scientists
03/05/10 Arctic Leaking Methane a Super-Potent Global Warming Gas — Reaching Feared Tipping Point?
01/18/10 Extinction Tourism — See It Now Before Its Gone
12/22/09 OUR Roof is on Fire: Dangerous Climate Change is Here
10/13/09 Earth's Life Support Systems Failing
10/09/09 Four Degrees of Devastation
10/07/09 We Can't Afford to Let the Planet Get Much Hotter
09/02/09 Earth's Fridge Defrosting, With Dire Results