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Sponsorship Features and Policy
for Climate Change Economics

Sponsorship to Climate Change Economics web site has two tiers of sponsor capability:

Tier One - Sponsorship is obtained through the website and discussions with Climate Change Economics LLC staff regarded advertising on the website and the features affiliated to each level of advertising: Levels of advertising include the following: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Please call our office in the United States at 724-225-3111 or use the contact email capabilities of the web site and we shall be happy to meet your needs.
  • The platinum level includes all the gold features plus: exclusivity in category, premiere placement banner advertisement, product partner tie-in capability, added time during broadcasts, use of marks and logos.

  • The gold feature includes all the features the silver level plus press conference signage, product positioning of the website, and logo merchandising.

  • Silver level includes the basic sponsorship features which include web advertising, and data collection.

Tier 2 - Sponsorship is obtained through the sponsorship section of our website. Sponsorship provides capability to support the website and its operations. Sponsorship at this level is not tax-deductible.

We provide information, newsletters, and links to various websites around the globe. Your sponsorship assists us in our capability to keep the quality of the site professional, allow us to write papers, collaborate with other experts, institutions, universities and colleges in the field.

If you or your firm are interested in advertising contact Climate Change Economics at our website address or telephone in United States 724 -- 225 -- 3111. We look forward to serving, you and your advertising needs.

Corporate Sponsorship Guidelines
for Climate Change Economics


In order to provide access to a wide range of free high-quality content and services. We constantly strive to improve ways to expand our funding, internet sponsorship is one that aspect of this effort. The revenues from sponsorship activities will improve the quality of the website, informational capability, education and provide institutions greater capacity for discussion, debate, and information sharing. It will provide students the ability to learn about climate change and climate change economics through the kids corner while expanding our global learning capability.

Review Capability

Climate Change Economics LLC reserves the right to review and approve all sponsorship materials before they are posted and retain the right to remove any previously approved material if we later determine that the material is not consistent with does not comply with our guidelines.

All sponsorship messages must contain a descriptor/designation of the sponsoring entity.


Product lines must be substantiated by evidence in possession of the sponsor. The evidence that focuses on rankings, preference or efficacy must be presented on the landing page following, a click on the sponsor message.

Privacy/Personal data collection

Climate Change Economics LLC is committed to protecting the private information of visitors, Climate Change Economics expects sponsors to operate in a manner that is consistent with our collection and use of personal data, per the privacy policy.

Where personal information is collected on the sponsor's Landing page:
  • Collection of that information must be in compliance with all privacy laws

  • Sponsor must state how do we use the information collected

  • Collection of the information must be in a secure and permanent

  • Sponsor will not willfully disclose personal information collected to any third party without first receiving permission

  • Sponsor may only use personally identifiable information for activities stated in its privacy policy

  • If a user does not want your information to be collected or use, sponsor must provide an opportunity for the user to opt out

  • Information collected is only to be used for business purposes. In conjunction with sponsors, primary business.

Categorical Exclusions

The following sponsor are materials considered inappropriate by Climate Change Economics LLC and will not be accepted under any circumstances (this list is for illustrative and educational purposes, and does not include all types of material the climate change economics LLC may find objectionable)
  • Weapons of any kind

  • Alcohol of any kind

  • Tobacco of any kind

  • Illicit drugs

  • Pornography/adult content/adult themes

  • Gambling

  • Political entities or messages expressing a political view, about a matter of public importance that opposes/supports a political candidate (lobbyists, political advocacy groups, etc.)

  • Material promoting religious conversion or religious participation

  • Material that violates laws, rules or regulations (slander, libel, etc.)

  • Material that is disguised as editorial comment

  • Material promoting violence or advocating against any organization, person or animal (public, private or protected)

  • Material promoting pyramid or multilevel marketing schemes

  • Material that directly advertises products to children

  • Sponsorship messages for”M.”rated video games

  • Sponsorship messages promoting human body parts for transplant purposes

  • Sponsorship messages offering the sale of knockoffs, counterfeits or replicas of nationally advertised merchandise

Strictly prohibited unit's creative message content.

The following types of messaging units and creative messages are prohibited:
  • Pop-ups or pop-unders<br><br></li>
  • Sponsorship messages that extend beyond the space dedicated without user initiation

  • Sponsorship messages that do not react to the dedicated space upon user scroll off

  • Audio and/or video clips that begin without user initiation

  • Sponsorship messages that do not allow users to return to the Climate Change Economics website by clicking once on the browser's back button

  • Sponsorship messages that strobe

  • Sponsorship messages that include a game, contests, sweepstakes or prizes or other compensation or enter or register to win scenarios

  • Sponsorship messages that contain excessive capitalization or punctuation

  • Sponsorship messages that contain crude or indecent language

  • Messages express or implied discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status or disability

  • Material containing deceptive, fraudulent, misleading, or false information material considered inappropriate for children, even though it may not explicitly target children (death, sensationalism, frightening images, etc.

  • Indecent, vulgar, suggestive or other advertising that, in the opinion of Climate Change Economics LLC may be offensive to good taste

  • Unreasonable, unlikely or extraordinary product/service claims

  • Sponsorship messages containing US currency that do not comply with US treasury regulations

  • Sponsorship messages containing telephone line numbers

  • Sponsorship messages that promote medicines, supplements, or medical devices that lead to self diagnosis or self treatment of serious

  • medical conditions, or claim to prevent, treat, or cure serious medical conditions

  • Sponsorship messages that contain unsubstantiated “miracle" weight-loss claims

  • Sponsorship messages for fortune telling, dream interpretation, horoscopes when the emphasis is on serious interpretation rather than entertainment.

Interdictive review

  • Prescription or over the counter drugs
    • May include drug brand name an indication of the condition/illness treated by the drug
    • May not include statements about the symptoms are nature of the condition/illness treated by the tribe are side effects of the drug
  • Sponsorship messages for R-rated movies
    • Creative may not contain (in text or images) any vulgar, sexual or violent themes (see above)
    • Content and team should be in keeping with the context of the climate change economics website and content
  • Controversial topics
    • Vulgar, violent, and discriminatory content (text or images) are not permitted (see above)
  • Material that contain superlatives
    • Superlatives may not be used to make any extraordinary product claims (see above)
    • Excessive use of superlatives is not permitted
  • Material that makes competitive claims
    • Direct reference to specific competitors is prohibited
    • Extraordinary and unsubstantiated claims are not permitted (see above)
  • Calls to Action:
    • Call to action cannot be the primary focus of the creative
    • Visually intrusive text or images are prohibited
    • Cannot imply specific (time/day) deadlines
    • Cannot focus on discounting or price offers
    • Cannot imply any personal or general penalty for failure to act
    • Calls to action should be unique to the message, service or product provided
    • Landing page must relate directly to the content of the ad
  • Pricing/offers:
    • Pricing guide offers are not permitted
      Example: lights from $109, available from $16,000, now $23.95, only $9.95, value, valued at $189.95
    • Purchase with purchase or gift with purchase offers are not permitted
      Example: by one -- get one free, free gift with purchase
    • Limited time saving offers are not permitted
      Example: order now and save