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May I help?

Editorial by Barry Piacenza

Climate Change Economics LLC - March 10,2011

May I Help – Toward a greater level of understanding. Recommend May I Help over I love you.

In the evolution of ideas and feelings I love you sometimes is a self-centered statement rather than sharing, whereas May I Help involves a giving of self towards a task that can include love.

The sensitivity of May I Help increases awareness because there is a deep sharing towards a task and actually relives pain or improves a condition to another level of awareness and being.

May I Help includes community and strengthens the bond one person has to another person or group, of a group to a person; or the group to multiple groups. This tapestry of building solid bonds based on helping creates a loving structure in society.

It is my hope that mankind is evolving towards a greater awareness of being. A simple experiment – provide grain to a community that needs it for free. Put up a large sign take what you need only what you need if you have more than you need give back to the supply and help someone else. I would imagine in the beginning the pile would disappear because people would take everything away however once they reached a point of satiation people would begin to return the items to the pile therefore it moves beyond the simple supply and demand. It becomes a self reinforcing philosophy with people giving of themselves to others and therefore May I Help turns into the action of helping.

This method of behavior is not confrontational. It does not divide people, it brings people together because it meets a mutual need within a human community. It moves us away from me and I to us and awareness that society is a brotherhood as opposed to an activity of self seeking gratification.

So let us think; May I Help? This also brings about a certain calmness of soul and you see a result that is self-perpetuating and positively reinforcing.

I would like to think how this could be applied to climate change.

May I Help to reduce CO2 emissions?