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Our glaciers are shrinking


Never since the discovery fire and crude oil has the fate of the planet been in the hands of one species.

Editorial by Barry Piacenza

Climate Change Economics LLC - June 20, 2011

Human beings must awaken to the fact that they hold the fate of planet Earth in their hands. With the failure of two significant United Nations Conferences: Copenhagen, Denmark and Bonn, Germany the fate of humankind is being sealed. The doomsday clock is ticking beyond its tipping point. The planet itself cannot sustain the levels of carbon dioxide in its atmosphere. The melting of freshwater threatens the thermohaline circulation also called the ocean conveyor belt, the great ocean conveyor, or the global conveyor belt. The inability of humanity to find agreement among the artificial boundaries of nation states as demonstrated both in Bonn and in Copenhagen may seal the fate of us as species and all the other species inhabiting the planet.

History will judge this time of humans harshly for its short-term needs, artificial as they may be that determine the actions of nations and humankind. Humans have always prided themselves on what separates our species from the rest, the ability to think. This time we are no more advanced than the chicken picking up the next piece of corn in a line of corn kernels. Blind are we to the outcomes of our actions, blind are we to the short-term temporal thinking we seem to possess. We cannot see more than 50 years ahead where our inactions will come to fruition. Like the proverbial genie out of the box we will unleash forces or perhaps we have already unleashed them setting into motion chains of actions sealing the fate of a Goldilocks planet.