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Our glaciers are shrinking


Editorial by Barry Piacenza

Climate Change Economics LLC - September 10, 2011

Dare we say we live in interesting times.

An earthquake in eastern part of the United States, a hurricane that extends all the way along the East Coast from the Carolinas to New England. First-time shutdowns of the transit systems in; Philadelphia, New York City, Boston plus evacuations of low-lying areas in New York City.

It appears the cards are on the table only if we wish to read them. One cannot directly say that climate change caused these particular events especially the earthquake; one can lean in the direction with the hurricane. Congratulatory remarks go to those cities who had a plan.

The actions in light of the hurricane along the East Coast in United States are certainly harbingers. Many authors involved in climate change would probably say they fit remarkably. Is it too late for mankind to intervene in the circumstance that we helped to foster and worsen? Is it hubris to think such thoughts that we as humble creatures can somehow erase this irrevocable sin from the pages of history? Is there time for us to intervene to begin to reverse the machinery that we as humans have set in motion? The only guidance we have is science as imperfect as it may be, in some people's minds, presents the only real tool we have to use to our maximum capability. It is time to come to the realization that thousands of scientists all over the globe as humble human beings we have enough data now to prove that the human intervention is at fault and set the great machine into motion. This is certainly a time for us to rethink our position as beings on this planet or even if we were to become extinct the planet would still be here. Let us not forget that the dinosaurs are extinct, the earth is still here. We are still here- Therefore we can make a difference. I would safely say it is time to read the harbinger and to think, think as Mr. Watson the founder of IBM would say. Are there examples - They are in this website should you care to explore them.