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Our glaciers are shrinking

Message from a Modern Day Klaatu

By Barry Piacenza

September 19, 2012

A new record low of Arctic Sea Ice has been reached 4.72million km2 equivalent to 1.82 million mi.2. This is as assessed from satellite observations, from 1979 to the present. We are now losing, 35,400 mi.² per day of Arctic Sea Ice, this is the fastest loss observed for the month of August 2012. Air temperatures in August 2012 at approximately 3000 feet above the surface remain slightly above the average (1 to 3°C or 2 to 5°F) over much of the Pacific sector of the Arctic Ocean as well as at its central sector with slightly higher temperatures in the Beaufort Sea (approximately 4°C, or 7°F above average). On the Atlantic side, the Kara and Barents seas continued to have air temperatures around 1 to 4°C (2 to 7°F) below average1. Between mid-March and a third week of August 2012 the total amount of multiyear ice within the Arctic Ocean declined by 33%, and the oldest ice, ice older than five years declined by 51%.2

Where science fiction becomes reality, just as the 1951 film The Day the Earth Stood Still where Klaatu (played by actor Michael Rennie) warned mankind that unless the species changed its ways the Earth would be reduced to a cinder. Our independent scientific community has been warning us for years now that climate change is not only real, it will have devastating outcomes. The Clock Is Ticking. Recent articles from the International Energy Agency (IEA) include the fact that we have until the year 2017 before climate change will become too expensive or irreversible. Our website has indicated for years now with over 500 articles, multiple book reviews, scientific studies, all indicating the climate change is real and will have planet wide devastating consequences.

Despite all of the warnings, studies, and news reports governments have done little except for a few to participate on a global basis to stop climate change or to take major efforts to reduce the impacts that cause climate change. Our website is changing its format to indicate a reverse clock based on the International Energy Agency 2011 report regarding climate change. We will count down the time to the end of 2017 when according to the article climate change will become if not irreversible extremely difficult and or costly to reverse.


1 National Snow and Ice Data Center, September 5, 2012

2 National Snow and Ice Data Center, September 5, 2012