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Our glaciers are shrinking

Armageddon by Anthrostorms1

By Barry Piacenza

October 31, 2012

Weather Map - Hurricane Sandy

Never before in the history of man have we been able to examine atmospheric and climate phenomenon that we have played an active role in creating. That time has arrived. With the advent of man-made CO2 and greenhouse gases being placed into the atmosphere we’ve seen increased numbers and levels of storms across the earth.

As Gov. Cuomo of New York has now realized we are living in a different era you have 100 year storm every two years. When asked by Brian Williams of NBC News are we the new Amsterdam ? He did not clearly answer the question. He only stated that we now live in a new era.

The elected members of the United States House and Senate now must realize climate change is real and it has serious life-threatening and economic impacts on the country and the globe. With a historic drought, now a historic storm, the United States now must turn its attention to the impact of greenhouse gases on the climate of the planet.

In the 1970s, there were just an average of under eight named storms per year; in the 1980s, the average was just under nine; in the 1990s, it was about 11; in the 2000s, it jumped again, to nearly 15 storms a year; and -- get this -- in the first three years of this decade (2010, 2011, 2012), the average is under 19. Specifically, we had 19 named storms in 2010, 18 in 2011. And, SO FAR, we’ve had 19 named storms.2

We’ve added more CO2 into the atmosphere than any time in history. Hurricane Sandy had the lowest barometric pressure reading of any storm measured in this latitude during this time of year. This combined with the amount of heat being trapped the Earth’s atmosphere is like exploding 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs per day.3 It is an excellent example of things to come. Storms are morphing into other types, with far-reaching geographic impacts. Hurricane Sandy at its height had an impact across approximately 1500 miles. These Anthrostorms impact the global economy, not just with the destruction of communities but with the disruption of agricultural capability and lead to stresses heretofore not realized. Unless we take this situation very seriously immediately. As we see on the front of our website the clock is ticking. Governments around the globe must now realize that their chance to tame climate change is before them. Without immediate and drastic action, with thinking beyond anything heretofore imagined mankind must stop adding CO2 and greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and develop a process by which we meet to 350 ppm model.


1Anthrostorms- Term Coined by the renowned Independent Science and Environment Journalist Stephen Leahy 2 NBC News First Read

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