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Our glaciers are shrinking

Climate Change - The Great Leveler

By Barry Piacenza

July 15, 2013

Educational Purposes only

EDITORS NOTE- I want to let the reader know that I am not a negative person, doomsayer, or person to raise unneeded fears i.e. fire in the theater type circumstance. The reader needs to understand that I draw on my own background experiences as well as facts for these editorials. This is an extrapolation of what could be in decades to come if not addressed now. Some of the issues in various forms are in the 2015 World Economic Forum discussions.

Humankind is facing its greatest challenge as a species - no matter how much wealth, power, position, persuasion, gold, diamonds, real estate, you choose whatever means of wealth in the material sense that you define as monetary capability, economic power, economic transferability and utility. With that statement in mind, climate change is going to bring about the great leveler, food. (By Lester Brown) “The widely used rule of thumb is that for each 1-degree-Celsius rise in temperature above the optimum during the growing season farmers can expect a 10-percent decline in grain yields. A historical study of the effect of temperature on corn and soybean yields in the United States found that a 1-degree-Celsius rise in temperature reduced grain yields 17 percent. If the world fails to address the climate issue, the earth’s temperature during this century could easily rise by 6 degrees Celsius (11 degrees Fahrenheit)”. (By Lester Brown) As a caveat to this, at this writing the United States Congress can’t even pass an agricultural bill with food stamps attached it protect its most vulnerable citizens so that they can have food in their homes. This is symptomatic of behavior that we may see in the future. Respect for the individual even in the most advanced industrial nation in the world has been eroded. This comes at a time when according to the Wall Street Journal 47.5 million or nearly one in 6 Americans are on food stamps. One need only consider what a sad state of affairs in the United States the individual is in by reading WINNER TAKE ALL POLITICS by James S. Hacker and Paul Pierson.

Climate Change Economics outcomes will impact, no matter how much money, or wealth you may have - sooner or later it will run out and we will be unable to feed ourselves. (Forum) This very fact is going to have to remind humanity that it is one species, not a race, or religion, or any other divider it is what it is one hand in another. With that in mind the economic paradigms need to change radically. Capitalism as we know it is dead. We need to take the best of whatever remained utilize that with compassion, equality, and liberty so that we can create a future as a species better than the past.

In the United States now for 2 generations the succeeding large numbers of people have not been able to live the American dream. The American dream in United States is dead. Two succeeding generations one following another in the United States has failed for most of the citizens, they are not better than the succeeding two past 2 generations.1 This does not discount the so-called 1% but the vast majority of citizens have seen this as a reality. If you are a member of a rising Asian nation state at this point do not think you have won the game. There is no game, we are all exposed to the same sweeping hand and leveler. However now you have equal responsibility with the balance of the nations states on this planet to create a better capability for all mankind. New economic systems need not be based on capital. We have seen the failure of monetization, the failure of capitalism based on bubbles, and trading for the sake of trading with no real outcome on a winner take all basis.

We must evolve upward not devolve as we have for the last 25 or better years. We must have an education system that is not based on competition as it is on learning and cooperation and acceptance of new ideas. Acceptance of science not for science sake alone but for what science can produce and can keep questioning itself so that what we learned today we may benefit from tomorrow.

I cannot say to you this would be a Eugene Roddenberry world where mankind’s greatest capacity is to keep learning for the sake of learning and to do the best one can with what had for the betterment of mankind. Man still has his evil side to deal with of greed, avarice, prejudice, war, class wars, vanity, and self-empowerment for self-empowerment sake.

With climate change human beings will be like the inhabitants of Easter Island we will either learn or we will strip our planet bare. We must learn that our collective actions have collective outcomes that are now planet wide. Those outcomes can be as dangerous as if an asteroid destroyed the planet and all the species there on. 2

What we do know is that 450 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere is unacceptable. We know that at this point scientifically that the rise in temperatures, the acidification of the oceans, the change in the exchange of from warm to cold via the world wide oceanic conveyor system breakdown brings about Hegemic changes to the planet and its ability to sustain life. (network, 2012) (network, 2012) It is during these times we consider Malthus, we’ve always tried to rely on technology to bring humanity out of the Malthus circumstance. This time we need to go beyond the normal solution. The paradigm has changed, the planet we live on has changed due to our own actions involving climate change.

The bottom line is that a new system for the betterment of mankind in what we used to call economics must be created. The current knowledge of what we call economics must be radically changed for equalization. Capital for capital sake alone must stop. A new means of human behavior for purpose needs to be established without the failures of capitalism and its inequities. I am not a traitor to the United States I am a realist in understanding that change is inevitable and that monetization and monetary capabilities are at an end. Humanity must evolve. We cannot be any longer predatory among ourselves. This was illustrated by HG Wells in Time Machine the Morelocks consumed Eloi for food which would be the height of barbarism. The question is do we evolve upward or do we regress into chaos? You decide . . .


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