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Climate Change Economics LLC

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A Planning Firm Serving Developers and Public Sector Clients in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Climate Change Economics LLC provides the best cost effective land use services to its clients. The firm’s advantage is to stay ahead of the competition with knowledge of economics, land use law, advanced technology, problem solving skills, technological knowledge and economic development capabilities.

Principal Members

Barry Piacenza the founder and principle of the firm provides leadership, research, problem solving and technical advice to clients. He is an award-winning planner with experience in numerous states. He has participated in a R/UDAT (American Institute of Architects: Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team) and has experience in regional planning having been Senior Regional Planner for seven counties in Florida. Mr. Piacenza has completed HUD Interstate Land Sales documentation, was director of development in the for-profit arm of KSBE (second largest land owner) in Hawaii.

Competitive Advantage

Climate Change Economics LLC has 20 years of experience in the field of land development, remediation of brownfields, community revitalization and land use regulations creation. Relationship with law firms provide an edge unrivaled in the region. This is a strategic advantage.

Products and Services

Land Use Regulations – Climate Change Economics LLC staff has written multiple zoning ordinances, subdivision ordinances and comprehensive plans and special districts. Its zoning, subdivision, and land development preliminary adopted ordinance for the Waterfront was examined by Duquesne University Law School. Their report stated that it was the best utilization of the riverfront, in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Wrote the zoning, subdivision and land development regulations for one of the largest riverfront brownfields in the United States and other municipalities in Western Pennsylvania.

Successful developments for Hawaii developer, all of which sold out. Created product, completed regulatory and compliance issues at federal, state, county and municipal levels. Climate Change Economics LLC has successfully completed HUD Interstate Land Sales documentation with the Office of Interstate Land Sales, successfully worked with The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and wrote the Site Specific Advisory Board report for a radioactive site in Pennsylvania. The work resulted in the applicant (a major international energy company) shipping 256,000+ cubic yards of radioactive material to an NRC approve site.

Greenway and Rail-Trail Master Plan – successfully wrote rail- trail greenway plan that Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources described as one of the best ever written. Project was conducted with an engineering firm.

Project Management – introduced project management to development/construction companies and performed project management on numerous real estate development projects.

The firm has worked in multiple operating environments in Hawaii, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Firm has solved complex issues, worked as a team member on regulatory issues, urban service boundary case, and solved complex issue cases.

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