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True Believers, Powerbrokers, and
the Fight to Save the Earth
By Eric Pooley

A Book Review by Barry Piacenza

Review posted August 29, 2011

The subject matter covered in this book is vital to understanding the tactics and the strategies used by parties during the climate wars of 2009, 2010 and 2011. It is a book that should be read by everyone, it shaped the world we will live in the future, and it shows how far factions will go in the legislative arena.

Eric Pooley the deputy editor of Bloomberg Business Week and having served as the managing editor of Fortune, editor of Time Europe and the nationwide editor, chief political correspondent and White House correspondent for Time brings us a riveting particularly researched portrayal.

He shows the Machiavellian quagmire that is the political environment of the legislative arm of the US government. He brings the living characters in the portrayal to you in a manner that at the same time, is illustrative and, frightening, and shows clearly the environmental versus economic debate that was waged on Capitol Hill and Wall Street.

No other author can bring us the unprecedented access to the elected officials and their staffs as well as decision-makers involved at all levels in both private and public sector organizations. He gets into the minds of the people with a meticulously researched book that is a necessary read.

The denialosphere campaign against the facts, the alleged hiring of pseudo-scientists, the alleged lies, the creation of deals, and what it takes to get legislation through, the US. Congress, in the 21st century is brought to light.

What the Americans never knew about Copenhagen and Sen. Inhofe (United States Sen. from Oklahoma who is known for his stance as a denier of climate change), the demonizing of people and of concepts, the fact that a German reporter scoffed at Sen. Inhofe and told him “you're ridiculous” as found on page 428.

The profound efforts that Al Gore, Environmental Defense Fund, and the positive role for passage of American corporations such as Duke Power, its president and CEO Jim Rogers.

What will it take as the author states…" or would some sort of monstrous, galvanic weather event – epic heat and drought, Katrina on steroids – be needed to shake America fully awake?" Page 440 . As this book review is being written there has been an earthquake in Virginia at 5.8 on the Richter scale, a new hurricane, Irene.

The efforts of the United States in this case are combined with other nations to build a consensus worldwide regarding climate change. Those efforts included the United Nations Framework on Climate Change, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and other efforts of the United Nations. (Many of the links are on this website)

It takes millions of dollars to pay people to allegedly lie, allegedly tell false stories about inaccurate studies, allegedly fake studies and everything else that industry has allegedly laid at the foot of this issue meanwhile Rome burns, people fiddle, and generations in the future will ask where were we?


Climate Change Economics
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